Here is a full list of the events where I presented my works:


Folie Numerique first birthday exhibition (Paris, France) : Stereopolis



Cookie demoparty (Paris, France) : Stereopolis
Cookie demoparty (Paris, France) : GPU walk Wild composition award
Understanding Visual Music 2018 (Buenos Aires, Brazil) : Brownian Motion
Domo Lleno festival (Bogota, Colombia) : Brownian Motion


Nuit Noire (Paris, France) : Light installation in Paris catacombs
Indiecade Europe (Paris, France) : Stereopolis
Agapë II (Paris, France) : Stereopolis


The Zium Garden (digital exhibition) : Animated digital art piece (part of a group exhibition)
Coucool (Mortcerf, France) : Spaceship installation


Macon film festival (Macon, GA, USA) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
Burning Man (Nevada, USA) : Encrypted Data (interactive installation on the Playa)
Burning Man (Nevada, USA) : Brownian Motion (part of IAMAI screenings at Man base)


CineGlobe Festival, Le CERN (Geneve, Switzerland) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
Nowhere festival (Spain) : Spaceship installation


GIF JAM 5.0 (Paris, France) : Stereopolis (part of interactive exhibition)
Fulldome Festival Brno (Brno, Czech Republic) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
International Planetary Society (Toulouse, France) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
Currents New Media Festival (Santa Fe, NM, USA) : Mizmaze, as part of the festival exhibition
La Briche Foraine (Saint Denis, France) : VJ set


Pictoplasma festival (Berlin, Germany) : Solo show, talk
Stunfest festival (Rennes, France) : Stereopolis
Coucool (Mortcerf, France) : Stereopolis
Fulldome Festival (Jena, Germany) : Brownian Motion (official selection), Award for Use of Innovative Production Technologies.


EGX Rezzed (London, England) : Stereopolis
A maze. (Berlin, Germany) : Stereopolis


Le Jardin d’Alice (Montreuil, France) : Paintings exhibition & Digitally augmented paintings


Imersa Summit (Colombus, OH, USA) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
International festival of science visualization (Tokyo, Japan) : Brownian Motion (official selection)


SAT Fest (Montréal, Canada) : Brownian Motion (official selection)


Cookie demoparty (Montreuil, France) : Stereopolis (first showcase)
Cookie demoparty (Montreuil, France) : Best laser animation award
Immersive Film Festival (Espinho, Portugal) : Brownian Motion (official selection)
Immersphere festival (Brasilia, Brazil) : Brownian Motion (official selection), Best movie award (jury award)
PROCJAM (online) : took part of ProcJam, created Random Access Character
(Paris, France) AV performance, part of La Nuit Blanche
GIF JAM 5.0 (Paris, France) : Organizer, installation
Mizmaze release party (Paris, France)
A Maze (Berlin, Germany) : Mizmaze (part of “open screens” exhibition)
GIF JAM 4.0 (Montreuil, France) : Organizer, AV performance, interactive installation


System Failure, Le Cube (Paris, France) : Greenfields (part of a group exhibition)
A maze. (Berlin, Germany) : VJ performance
GIF JAM 3.0 (Paris, France) organizer, VJ performance, installations


Cyber Sousa (Tiamen, China) : Greenfields (official selection), Silver award for Best short Animated Picture.
Nuit Blanche, le CRI (Paris, France) : Interactive Installation (part of a group show)
GIF JAM 1 & 2 (Paris, France) : organizer, VJ performance, projection-mapping
Les douze courts de minuit (Paris, France) : Greenfields (official selection)
Tehran International Animation Festival : Greenfields (official selection)
Lille European Film Festival, France : Greenfields (official selection)


Annecy Festival (Annecy, France) : Greenfields (official selection)
Siggraph Asia (Shenzen, China) : Greenfields (official selection)
Tokyo Anime Award (Tokyo, Japan) : Greenfields (official selection)
Hiroshima Film festival (Hiroshima, Japan) : Greenfields (“animation for peace” selection)
MacacuCine (Brasil) : Greenfields (official selection)
Effets star (Aigues Mortes, France) : Greenfields, Best 3d animation movie award
Festival Européen du Court-métrage (Bordeaux, France) : Greenfields
Animest Festival (Bucarest, Romania) : Greenfields (official selection)
Anima Mundi (Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo, Brasil) : Greenfields (official selection)
SICAF festival (Seoul, Korea) : Greenfields (official selection)
Future Film Festival (Bologna, Italia) : Greenfields (official selection)
Holland Animation Film Festival (Utrecht, Netherlands) : Greenfields (official selection)
AniFilm Festival (Trebon, Czech Republic) : Greenfields (official selection)


Festival du court métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (France) : Greenfields (official selection)
Séquence court métrage (Paris, France) : Greenfields, Audience award for best animation movie.
Sitges Festival (Spain) : Greenfields (official selection)
FICAM, Meknès International Animation Film Festival : Greenfields (official selection)
Monstra Festival (Lisbon, Portugal) : Greenfields (official selection)
Animation summit, Le Forum des Images (Paris, France) : Greenfields
National Animation Film Festival (Bruz, France) : Greenfields (official selection)