Datarain is an abstract animation about data flows and personnal memories on the network.
All visual are procedurally generated in real-time, creating unique visuals at each moment. Thus, the animation never loops, and "regenerate" itself constantly.

Every split-second, Internet is filling with more and more data about it's users. There are constant flows of information, including personnal data, behaviors, pictures, thought, about the humans beings crawling the network.
As time pass by, these flows of data cross continents at light-speed, they fade away, then stored in data-centers where no one can reach them again.
Here, the colorful abstract flow of shapes and pixel patterns, similar to an endless data river, or a rain of gigabits, invites the spectator to medidate, and contemplate, while being immersed in a hypnotic flow of data.

Datarain has been designed to be showcased as an interactive and immersive audio-visual installation that reacts to visitors presence, thanks to motion sensors.

It was made using Unity, with custom shaders. It's using some real-time pixel sorting algorythms that shift pixels depending on their respective luminosity and color data.